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architecture department

Our team comprises of, experienced staff with a complete understanding of current methodology, technology and materials allows for a high level of creativity, affordability and sustainability.We had developed around 25 Lakh sqft plus area till date.

Although our approach can be, pragmatic and meet the practical programmatic requirements, our projects transcend the ordinary by making every design decision meaning in terms of craft and economy and most importantly keeping the conditions for the occupant comfortable and conductive to the mental and physical well being.

The design we create is a signature, which speak for itself and gels well with the environment.

We think building has its own SOUL & THE FACE. And following are the factors, which majorly contribute for it.

  • Environmental sustainability – the impact the design will have on the environment.
  • Function – The purpose for which it is created
  • Aesthetics – The landmark which speaks for itself with its elegance
  • Needs of the user – The comfort for the end user
  • Social sustainability – The impact the design will have on society
  • Workplace Law
  • Safety
  • Availability of the tools, materials and expertise
  • Trends

landscape department

Our conviction is that systematic analysis will reveal the inherent order and uniqueness of each setting.

Our work fuses the dynamic elements of the nature and culture, integrating environmental sensitivity with the needs of modern human settlement and creates harmonious relationship between ecology and built forms.

We undertake each project on an individual basis with careful consideration of the aspiration of the client, tradition of the landscape design, needs of the users, program requirements and unique richness of site. We approach each assignment with the premises that has its own imperatives and opportunities. Our each completed work has a unique visual identity spatial richness and legibility through simplicity well situated to its purpose contents and budgets.

We had developed 35 Lakh sqft plus area till date.

interior department

Our team works towards, making our each design synonymous with exquisite taste. As company, we prefer collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and adopt their own style and taste.

Whether yours is small business office or a grand resort, Kimaya is able to take on any size of the project and implement a beautiful design transformation.

We have distinct detail focused approach towards the surrounding we create. Our team of architects and designers have extensive practical knowledge of the design of residential, commercial, retail and restaurant spaces. This knowledge provides us with the insight to make object resonate and to create environments with impact.

liason department

We have good stand and reputation in PCMC with 15 years of working experience. We have a stabilized team which has strong co-ordination with in-house architects and various departments of PCMC like building planning, town planning and various NOC departments. The Key of Success is hit with the accurate & smart planning to achieve the time targets .

This Department’s primary role is to liaison with Government. Offices maintain data & relations with government officials, rules and regulations of the state. They also facilitate project sanctioning from the relevant government authorities like Municipal Corporation, Central Building Dept., Collector Office, Dist. Office, Town Planning & Urban Development Dept. (Mantralaya) SRA & CIDCO.

construction department

The Construction department focuses on the coordination of all building activities according to budgets. Meeting deadlines, maintaining industry quality standards, ingenious building engineering solutions and legal safety regulations are some of their responsibilities.